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As one of the world’s leading Services companies, we provide a competitive advantage and deliver trust. Conformity Assurance has the advantage to offer a ”One-Stop-Service” providing customized services. Conformity Assurance  is the solution partner  of TÜV Austria in the Middle East and North Africa . 

Where Conformity Assurance has experts to serve in the fields of testing, inspection, and certification services worldwide. Whether you are an industrial company, a plant operator, active in commerce, a start-up, or in the process of establishing a business, safety, and security is major concerns in any case. Our technical expertise provides you with the crucial added value for sustainable, flexible and, above all, workable solutions.


To be the most trusted partner for (TIC) services worldwide.


Our aims to exceed the clients’ expectations with Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services.
We facilitate the way for clients by utilizing our multinational expertise and network, to provide innovative solutions through experts in TIC services that enable manufacturers to demonstrate that their products are in compliance with applicable safety, environmental, and operating performance standards for markets around the world.


Through continuous efforts and selfless commitment, we strive to develop, improve, and implement market-leading solutions to all our current and future clients. The infrastructure values of our company are integrity, unity, client orientation, innovative spirit, and we have been able to earn the reputation of a company at the pinnacle of the TIC services industry.

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Specialized in Testing, Inspection, Conformity & Quality, and Safety Assessment.

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