Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA)

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Saudi Food & Drug Authority

This program allows food and cosmetics products’ importers, exporters, and manufacturers to have pre-shipment conformity assessment procedures taken before shipping products to Saudi Arabia.

TUV Austria participates through its experts in food products and aims to apply the standards according to the Saudi/GSO Technical Regulations and Standards.

The agreement between SFDA and TUV Austria will ensure the safety and conformity of food products.


TUV Austria’s main purpose is to help our clients by issuing and providing Certificate of Conformity for imported food products, listed by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority.
  Ensure that food is usable for human consumption.

Program Benefits:

  Assuring Pre-Shipment Conformity.
  Facilitate Customs Clearance.
•  Ending SFDA procedures by taking FAST TRACK.
  Guaranteed same-day release of the shipment.

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