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Iraqi Central  Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC):

Conformity Assurance authorized to issue Iraqi program certificates, this program aims to ensure quality and safety of the products which are in the process to be imported or exported to/from Iraq.
The vision of conformity assurance is to be an outstanding example of applying strategies and methods in quality assurance. 

Regulated Products:

Food and Foodstuff, Cosmetics and Hygiene, Construction Products, Kitchenware, Toys, Bicycles and Motors, Electrical and Electronic Products, Furniture and Personal Accessories, Clothing and Textile.


Steps of Application:

Step 1

The applicant submits the required documents.

Step 2

Evaluates the efficiency of the designs for the products covered by the technical regulation and their compliance with the applicable technical regulations.

Step 3

 Technical file evaluation

Step 4

Issuing a certificate

Documents Requirement for Certificate of Conformity:

Commercial Registration Certificate.
Request for Certificate (RFC) / Certification Agreement.
Valid Test Report from accredited laboratory ISO/IEC 17025.
Declaration of Conformity.
Quotation and Payment notification.
Pictures of Product.
Labelling of Product.
Health Certificate (if required).
Internal test report (product registered in COSQC).

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Specialized in Testing, Inspection, Conformity & Quality, and Safety Assessment.

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